Our America Works


This is a great country

We have problems in America today, but talk to someone who has lived in another country.  They love America and they love being here.  

We need to re establish a “work” ethic

Talk to any business owner and you will find there is a HUGE  problem today in getting people to show up and work.   Forget the unemployment rate, we need to increase the “attitude rate”.    Our America NEEDS to work!


Let’s work together

Let’s look at some stories and pictures of people working together as COMMUNITY.   As AMERICANS

 “Every day, sincerely and without phoniness, try to understand and appreciate the people who work with you. Do your job well, learn your job well, but always remember that the people you work with are your most valuable asset

– Denzel Washigton

Lemonade Day

Cities across America do this every year.   It’s called Lemonade Day and it’s one of the best community and family building event I have ever seen.   I have seem this in McMinnville, Oregon and I am very impressed.   

It’s a way to teach kids how to run a successfull business, HOW TO WORK, how to get along, count money, conduct public relations.     Your community should really consider getting involved with Lemonade Day.     More on the history of Lemonade Day.

For more information.    Lemonade day

Habitat for Humanity

With the challenges of housing in America today, if you are looking for a community project, think about Habitat for Humanity.

You will be building more than homes.  You will be building a community.

for more info, habitat.org


What would you like to do?

We are waiting for you?

Let’s go!

Let’s work together and make this a better country!

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