Our America WORKS has two goals. 

  1.  To support, encourage, promote the honorable, Judea Christian values on which American values are based.  We support the rule of law and secure borders for America
  2. To support, encourage, promote hard work as a foundational theme for a strong America.    
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Honorable Historic American Values

The United States of America is a Christian nation.    Despite many written works to the contrary, the history of America and it’s founding documents show the faith in God.  The Pledge of Allegiance.  “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.   The Declaration of Independence talks about reliance on nature’s God.  It also asks for the protection of divine providence, a clear reference to God.   You continually see references to a “God”, capital “G” singular God.   Judea Christian values talk about the worth of the individual, and God is no respecter of persons.  All persons are equal in the site of God and the United States Law. 




It’s vital for the future of America that we learn once again the value of hard work.  America was built on hard work.  Hard work leads to an earned goal.  Not everything is given to you.  Hard work teaches delayed gratification, commitment, sacrifice, and community.



Our Outreach

Our America WORKS honors the sacrifice of many people who have died to secure the rights of freedom and liberty for all Americans.   We endeavor to be Americans worth dying for.    We believe hard work teaches commitment, community, ability to work towards earning a goal, delayed gratification, sacrifice, We will look for ways to encourage traditional Judea Christian values on which American is based.   Our America WORKS is a Christian based outreach.



Sharing stories of others

Our America WORKS will share the stories of other people and organizations that share our goals and principles.   Our America WORKS will also share the stories of people and organizations that may NOT share the principles of Our America WORKS.  We do this so you can hear “both sides” of the story.